Satellite solutions for broadband communication systems for cruise liners, yachts, fishing fleets, ocean carriers and shipping companies

Broadband solutions

Broadband solutions

Installation of all technologies available on the market

Installation of all technologies available on the market

Customised internet access plans for each type

Customised internet access plans for each type

Thanks to our satellite solutions, cruise liners, yachts, fishing fleets, ocean carriers and shipping companies can enjoy broadband communication systems for their fleet management, internal communication or to provide passengers with wireless internet access, a much appreciated value added service.


Cruise liners and ferries

Sitting down with the client and examining all possible needs for our tailor-made solutions is just the first of the tasks that will lead to a clear difference when compared to other pre-designed solutions.

From the initial analysis of routes and equipment to the necessary value-added services, and their full administration; these are the unique characteristics that define us. All that backed by the best signal reception and dedicated technical support.


Broadband communication systems for cruise liners and ferries
Broadband communication systems for ocean carriers and shipping companies


Ensuring long transoceanic routes have the best satellite connectivity is now much more viable thanks to the EURONA multiband services (C band, Ku band and Ka band). From pure IP connectivity for proprietary applications to the information necessary for navigation, they are covered by a guarantee.

Over this it is possible to install all the high-productivity value-added services specific to the sector, such as anti-piracy video systems and remote control of onboard equipment, to mention but a few.


The seasonality and continuous changes in bandwidth necessary are no longer a problem with EURONA; contract your VSAT service only for the time and at the speed necessary, including leased and/or transferred equipment in order not to incur additional costs.

We cover the Mediterranean and Caribbean areas with links of up to 100 Mbps, and we guarantee service for ocean voyages. Above all, our high added-value services provide: IP Television, 4KTV, VoIP with international dialling, etc.

Broadband communication systems for yachts
Broadband communication systems for fishing fleets


Remaining in contact with on-board personnel has never been more viable. The EURONA dedicated solutions for main fishing grounds, including huge dedicated capacity in these areas, provides the fishing sector with the necessary connectivity for carrying out daily professional activities, while at the same time the crew can feel closer to home.

There are accessible, scalable bandwidths which take into account the seasonal nature of the market.

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