Because video should not be treated like other data

EURONA has vast experience in the transportation, contribution to and distribution of audiovisual content throughout the world, together with the provision of one-off services for DSNG. Whether your project requires a solution from scratch, including the design, installation and start-up of hardware, or if all that is required id permanent or one-off satellite connectivity, EURONA places at your disposal a wide range of latest-generation technological solutions adapted to your needs.

When working with video, particularly in real time, the traffic must be guaranteed in order to ensure that there is no packet loss, and thus the transmission of the video is impeccable.

However, it is possible that this need is not permanent, and transmission only takes place at specific times, with the requirement not necessary the rest of the time.

EURONA has designed a series of services adapted to those needs, in order to ensure transmission quality, while reducing the costs and offering one-off services. In other words, the possibility to contract the services only when they are necessary (hours, days, etc.).

Permanent or one-off satellite connectivity

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