Agriculture and livestock

Bringing on revolution 4.0 in Agriculture and Livestock

The Agriculture and Livestock industry is undergoing a complete digital transformation. The aim is to optimise resources in order to improve profitability and sustainability. To do that, it is necessary to process a huge amount of information. Information emerging from an innumerable number of data sources in the field, through a huge number of sensors.

These markets have two peculiarities it is important to consider:

  • They tend to be located far from large cities, and thus the traditional communication infrastructures may be insufficient.
  • Furthermore, they tend to be large areas of land, which are difficult to cover using traditional technologies such as WiFi.

EURONA has developed unique solutions which fit perfectly with these peculiarities.

We not only provide broadband connectivity so that there is internet access on farms, but also provide solutions for maintaining a connection with the animals or crops.

Broadband connectivity for farms or livestock

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