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quantis.do is a website, the name and domain of which are owned and operated by QUANTIS GLOBAL, S.L., (hereinafter referred to as EURONA) assigned Tax ID Number (NIF)  B86198033, with offices on Calle Marie Curie, 5, 3º7  28521  - (Rivas Vaciamadrid) – Madrid, recorded in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 28842F 120, Section 8, Sheet M519346. CIF B86198033.
The purpose of quantis.do is to provide information regarding EURONA’s business, which is as a telecommunications operator, as well as its products, services, offers, promotions and any further relevant information regarding EURONA.

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Obligations for the user
By accessing the website quantis.do the user undertakes to use the information and content on this Website in accordance with this Legal Notice, with the legislation in force and with the generally accepted good customs and public order; specifically:

a)To act legally in good faith in all of their interactions with EURONA.

b)To provide true and exact data during their contractual relationship with EURONA.

c)To use the website correctly and in accordance with the legislation in force, morality and public order, respecting this Legal Notice and, where applicable, the Usage and Contractual Conditions established; furthermore not to allow unauthorised third parties to use the tool and services provided. 

d)To collaborate and inform EURONA of any information, especially technical, to which it has access during its operations that could affect or damage the integrity of the website, quantis.do, the services provided by EURONA, its partners, collaborators, suppliers, other users or third parties, as well as the stipulations of the Legal Notice or, where applicable, the Usage and Contractual Conditions.

e)Not to make any false or fraudulent orders. If we have reasonable indicators that may suggest that the user has made a fraudulent request, we will be authorised to delete it and inform the relevant authorities.

f)Not to allow third parties to access their user account or resell the services provided by EURONA.


EURONA cannot be held liable for any possible damage cause by malfunctions of the telecommunications networks that provide access to quantis.do, or for any possible interruptions to access, viruses, connections and operating systems for accessing the internet. Similarly, EURONA cannot be held liable for any possible damage derives from illegal and illegitimate actions from third parties that are not connected to EURONA when transmitting data through telecommunications networks. 
Web contents and links to third parties

The information contained on the website may not be up-to-date at all times and, if so, EURONA cannot be held liable for any possible damage derived from external and/or third-party usage of the information provided. 

EURONA reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Website when necessary, without any prior warning, to carry out any necessary maintenance and updates. 

quantis.do may contain links to external third-party websites, the content of which is not attributable to or binding for EURONA, since they owner of each of the websites accessed is responsible therefor.  

The creation of any link from a website to quantis.do must always be to the home page and it is prohibited to totally and/or partially reproduce the services contained on EURONA without prior authorisation.

Industrial and intellectual property

The contents (including but not limited to texts, logos, images, drawings, web design, brands, source code and software) on quantis.do are protected by industrial and intellectual property legislation and any other applicable legislation. The legitimate use thereof corresponds solely to EURONA or its licensors, and it is completely prohibited for the user and/or third parties reproduce and/or distribute, in full or partially, any type of content unless there is express authorisation form EURONA, authorising or permitting the dissemination thereof. 
Under no circumstances does accessing quantis.do imply permission, waiver, transfer or licensing of such rights by the owners thereof or any other usage, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or dissemination right, unless EURONA grants express authorisation. 
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the user or a third party deems that the content on  quantis.do could breach the rights of third parties, we request that they inform us thereof as soon as possible.
Comments and suggestions

Your comments and suggestion are welcome. Please send us your comments and suggestions using our contact form.

Modifications to the Legal Notice

The content of this Legal Notice is valid for an indefinite term and may be modified at any given time, according to the legislation in force and any changes that may take place to EURONA’s business.
Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The content of this Legal Notice and any of the privacy or cookies policies and the applicable sector regulations are governed by Spanish Law in force at any given time. The parties undertake to submit any dispute that may arise to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals. If the parties see fit to turn to alternative resolution system, such as arbitration or mediation, they must expressly propose and accept this in writing at the time that the dispute arises and always based on the applicable legislation.



This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how QUANTIS GLOBAL S.L., (hereinafter referred to as “EURONA”), collates, processes and uses the personal information of its customers and users, always within the scope of our commitment to privacy and data security, which is exclusively collated for certain, explicit and legitimate purposes, and it cannot be processes in any way that is not compatible for such purposes and in strict compliance with the applicable legislation on data protection, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016, (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR), and the Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee Act 3/2018, (hereinafter referred to as LOPDGDD).
The Privacy Policy will be updated in order to clarify or reflect new practices in managing the privacy of our customers and users or modifications to the legislation, case law,  or interpretation from the Spanish Data Protection Agency or other Supervisory Authorities that may happened and need to be applied; this shall always be accessible by checking the website, quantis.do.

Identity of the controller

QUANTIS GLOBAL, S.L., operating under the trade name, EURONA, with Tax ID Number (NIF) B86198033 is the entity responsible for processing your data. Its contact details are as follows:

Calle Marie Curie, 5, 3º7  28521  - (Rivas Vaciamadrid) – Madrid. - rgpd@eurona.com  -  

Means we use to process your data.

We process personal data in the following situations:
  1. Remote contracting of our products and service;
  2. Sending commercial information digitally;
  3. Storing log-in and browsing data;
  4. Profiling on traffic and usage data;
  5. Recording phone call to or from our customer services line;
  6. Data regarding economic solvency:
  7. Visits to our website; 
  8. Use of our digital communications services, sending us an email, a query or suggestion through our contact forms;
The purposes for which we process your data:

Here at EURONA, we process your data within the framework of the principles contained in the applicable legislation, specifically the GDPR and LOPD-GDD. Personal data will not be used for purposes other than those listed below:
  1. Customers’ ID and invoicing data;
    We will process our customers’ ID and invoicing data to maintain and control the contractual relationship and manage the services in order to provide the contractual services and manage tax, accounting and administrative invoicing for the relationship. The data requested are necessary to establish a contractual relationship and are obligatory, except for those marked as optional.
  2. Sending commercial communications:
    We may also process our customers’ data based on our legitimate interest in informing them of news or information regarding out activities, products and services, promotions, events and discounts on products and services that they have taken out by means of digital commercial communications (SMS, email). The customer may object to receiving such communications at any time through the procedures provided for such purpose in the contractual documentation and cancel their subscription to such communications at any time by accessing the cancellation procedure at the end of each communication, reporting this in writing to rgpd@eurona.com.

      I do not wish to receive communications electronically.
  3. Connection, browsing, traffic and usage data.
    We will process data generated or processes within the framework of the digital communication service or public communications networks in compliance with the obligations derived from Act 25/2007 on the data storage for digital communications and public communications networks. 

    Connection, traffic, and usage information may also be processed in order understand the network's status at all times, thereby guaranteeing the Service's proper functionality. Likewise, where necessary, decisions on may be adopted on improvements, as well as those aimed at detecting and impeding abusive or fraudulent use of the Service.

    In the same way, we may process your traffic and usage data for analysis and profiling in order to segment our customers and send them commercial information digitally, by phone or by mail, our own or from third parties, on value-added services, during the valid term of the contractual relationship. 

      I grant authorisation for my data to processes for analysis and profiling, to receive promotional information on additional products and services other than those contracted.
  4. Data from phone call recordings:
    We hereby inform you that we may also process data from recordings of phone calls to or from our Customer Service Line, including your voice. We will make such recordings in order to improve the quality of the services object of the agreement, to verify customer satisfaction and, if taking out services over the telephone, to accredit consent granted by the customer.
  5. Economic solvency data:
    Similarly, we may process data regarding customers’ economic and credit solvency in order to safeguard our legitimate interests regarding our economic and financial security regarding non-payment situations of current and future customers.

    In this regard, we may consult information contained in various common economic and credit solvency files, as well as automated systems to check the information provided by the requesting party during the contracting process for solvency and risk of fraud, always in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, based on the legal provisions of Act 16/2011 of 24 June, on consumer credit agreements if we have a relationship with the customer that involves financing, payments by instalment or periodic invoicing.
  6. Website user data:
    Browsing data form website users will only be processed for statistical and analytical purposes, in accordance with the provisions of our Cookies Policy, as well as to provide information about our business activity and, where applicable, to handle your queries and suggestions.

    In this respect, we will process data such as your IP address, the town/city from which you are browsing, the operating system and browser used, pages visited and connection time.
  7. Data collated through contact forms:
    We may also process personal data send through queries, complaints or suggestions using the contact forms provided for such purpose on our website, for the sole purpose of responding to these. Under no circumstances will we incorporate this data into our databases or send information digitally without prior authorisation from the data subject.

    The obligatory data on each form will be marked as such. If there is a lack of data or if it is not correct, EURONA will not be able to correctly identify you and, therefore, the request will be deleted. 
  8. Data from emails received:
    We also process personal data if users send in queries, complaints or suggestions via email to the addresses provided on the website for such purpose. In this case, the data will be processed for the sole purpose of responding to the request. Under no circumstances will we incorporate this data into our databases or send information digitally without prior authorisation from the data subject.
Who we share your data with:
EURONA ensures confidentiality of your personal data and will not share it with third parties without previous authorisation from the data subject. However, by virtue of EURONA’s needs we may share your data with the following recipients:
  • Service providers: 

    EURONA may have contracted different services providers that may access your personal data. All suppliers have entered into data processing agreements, limiting processing to the purposes of the services provided and always with the security measures stipulated by the legislation in force.
  • Public authorities:

    We may share your personal data and other information that have or have access to through our systems with the competent Public Authorities if required in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. All of this is justified by law and is for the sole purpose of complying with our obligations and preventing abuses of services or fraudulent activities with the services provided by EURONA or, where applicable, in order to detect, investigate and try severe crimes, as stipulated by the Criminal Code or specific criminal laws. 
  • Digital credit systems or common credit records:

    If the customer takes out a debt of over €50 with EURONA, the information of the debt maybe included in different digital credit systems that it works with, specifically ASNEF and EQUIFAX, always in strict compliance with the terms and conditions established in the applicable legislation in force on the subject and on data protection.

  • Related parties:

    Always with the prior consent from the user, their data may be shared with companies connected with EURONA in order to send information regarding activities, services, and business solutions via digital, telephone and/or postal means. 

    These companies are: GLOBAL SATELLITE TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., assigned Tax ID Code (NIF) B88144944 with address on C/Cabeza de Mesada, 5 4º IZQ (28031) Madrid.

International Data Transfer

EURONA does not process data outside the European Economic Area. In this respect, EURONA will ensure that the destination countries for your data always have an equivalent and adequate level of protection. In any case, international data transfers will be made in accordance with Articles 44 et seq. of the GDPR.
Similarly, if the international data transfer is part of the service provided by EURONA, this service provision will be done in accordance with the provisions stipulated in Article 28 of the GDPR and Article 33 of LOPD-GDD, signing the corresponding processor agreement.
Exercise of rights:

The user may exercise their rights to access, rectification, erasure, objection, data portability and restriction of processing by sending an email to the address, rgpd@eurona.com identifying as a website user and specifying the right they wish to exercise in the request, or they may do so by post to the address: C/Cabeza de Mesada, 5 4º IZQ (28031) Madrid
Legal protection of rights with the Supervisory Authority:
If there is any breach of the right to data protection, the user may address the relevant national Supervisory Authority, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, www.aepd.es, to begin the opportune proceedings to claim and/or defend their rights.

Data Storage:

Data referring to the company’s customers, including audio recordings, where applicable, will be stored for the period necessary to handle the purpose for which they have been collated, and once this period is over, to cover legal obligations derived therefrom; they will be stored and duly blocked in any case for a maximum term of 6 years counted from the end of the initial relationship,  Economic data is stored within the scope of the provisions of the General Tax Act 58/2003.
We will process data generated or processes within the framework of the digital communication service or public communications networks in compliance with the obligations derived from Act 25/2007 of 18 October on the data storage for digital communications and public communications networks.
Data from requests made by users through web forms, receive via email and CV data will be stored for a maximum term of one year counted from the date on which they were collated.

The data collated through cooking and/or tracking pixels, social media plug-ins and browsing data on website users will be stored for a maximum term of one year counted from when they are collated.

Data of subscribers to commercial communications will be stored until the subscriber requests for the subscription to be cancelled, the subscription email address stops working or the customer objects to the reception thereof.
Contact our DPO:

You can contact or Data Protection Officer by sending an email to: rgpd@eurona.com.
Liability for the user:
The user guarantees that they are of legal and age and hold full legal standing and awareness to use this website and its content; they guarantee that the data they provide through each of the forms through which EURONA requests personal data are true, acknowledging the responsibility to inform EURONA of any change and/or modification thereto for correct processing. 

Security Measures:

EURONA has implemented the necessary security measures to ensure effective usage and processing of the data provided by the user, safeguarding the intimacy, privacy, confidentiality and integrity thereof, complying with the regulatory requirements in the applicable legislation, making use of the technical means necessary to avoid alteration, loss, unauthorised access or processing of the data, according to the state-of-the-art at any given time as well as EURONA’s scope of control. 

Related regulations:

If you would like further information on the regulations that protect and stipulate your rights, we have provided the laws that have inspired this policy and are relevant for you: